Outpost 1 - Convertible Deer Stand

Outpost 1 - Convertible Deer Stand

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This convertible stand transforms into a sturdy deer stand in minutes then back to a deer cart when you are done.

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The FML Classic portable deer stand has a unique innovative design. Not only can you transport by way of push or pull handles, it can also be hitched to an all-terrain vehicle. Towing attachments are available to fit most ATV’s. Not intended for speeds above 20 mph. This cannot be pulled behind vehicles on roadways.

The design is as such that you can set up from transport mode to hunting in minutes. Approximate set up time is 30 minutes or less. When finished, it can be returned to transport mode and used to pack out your game. Weight limit not to exceed 400 lbs. during use.

There are no tools required for assembly or disassembly. Most fasteners are attached to stand components to prevent being lost or misplaced. The wheels can be mounted or removed with ease simply by pulling a pin and removing. Pins are then reinserted into axle for safe keeping. Wheels are made of a flat free material to aid in movement in rough terrain without going flat. The legs of the classic have telescoping tubes added for leveling while using. Limit is 7” in each leg with 1/2” increments. The base of the telescoping legs is made so they can conform to most ground variations by means of a knuckle joint. The knuckle joint is attached to a base plate that measures 4x6 inches. Additional base plate sizes are available as optional equipment. The platform is made of heavy duty 7 gage carbon steel. Inside dimensions are 42” square. Expanded metal is used for floor to allow for snow or rain to pass thru with ease. There is a mounting plate provided for your personnel preference of chair. The classic is 6’ from ground to platform to elevate you above the game and give you a larger viewing area. The side and end handrails are made from steel tubing and welded together for strength and durability. Each one is fitted with camouflage covers of high quality fabric. There are pockets on each cover to store your gear while in use. The end handrails can be swung out to descend to the ground.

There is an eyelet welded to the bottom cross tube of platform for attaching a strap and earth anchor for added stability in extreme conditions. Strap and earth anchor are optional equipment. The footprint of the classic measures 6 ½ feet square. This provides exceptional stability in windy conditions. 


Optional Towing Yoke


Optional Receiver Hitch